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Recent Operations of UFOs

Recent Operations of UFOs

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Yesterday’s news (October 10) of Seoul, Korea reported the sightings of hundreds of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) hovering over Gwanghwamun Street, the central business district of Seoul, for thirty minutes before vanishing. A video clip taken by a UFO expert photographer also appeared in the news. Although the media cautiously covered the incident because it was conscious of controversies that may be stirred up by certain groups regarding the UFOs’ validity, I felt the UFOs on the video were real, considering the movements demonstrated and the energies emanated from them. I feel that UFOs started trying to show their existence purposefully to the general public, contrary to the past. This mass appearance of UFOs is the second occurrence since they were seen flying in formation, witnessed in Mexico in June of this year.

One day, however, I found myself accepting the existence of UFOs naturally without a doubt. It was last summer when I first started to discover UFOs in the sky. Lying down on the ground of an island near Tong-yoeng Beach in Korea, I started to distinguish between the stars and the other objects in the sky, with the help from a person whose hobby was observing UFOs every night. Among the objects, I found many “special stars” showing such movements only possible to UFOs. At the moment, there are numerous UFOs in the sky. They vary greatly in their shapes, duties, and original dimensions. Also, most UFOs are here to carry out their tasks related with the Gaia Project (“UFO Guides”). These UFOs or space vehicles are of different shapes and sizes, depending on where they come from and what they do. They range from gigantic-sized ones similar to those seen in the movie Independence Day to smaller ones holding one or two beings. As to the UFO Guides, some of them oversee heavily populated regions respectively while others patrol around several regions. The UFO in charge of the entire Korean peninsula is stationed in a particular area, and it communicates with and controls all UFO Guides around the world.

Because UFOs are originally non-material, human eyes cannot see them unless they transform themselves into third-dimensional materials. Thus, the UFOs in the earth’s sky have not been witnessed by the general public except for special cases. In this regard, the hundreds of UFOs seen in the sky above Gwanghwamun Street a few days ago seem to have had the intention of demonstrating their existence. Their appearance may well be pertained to the Gaia Project, and I expect that there will be more purposeful UFO appearances like this one in the future.

Recent appearances of UFOs seem to be related to last month’s shutdown of the spiritual world of the earth and the souls’ boarding the UFOs. Since early 2005, beings who left their physical bodies were prohibited to enter the spiritual world. Recently, an order to board the stand-by UFOs were given to the souls hanging around in the material world after their physical deaths. Thus, the UFOs carrying souls have begun to leave for their own destinations since early October. The huge exodus of beings that had stayed on the earth finally began. The mass emigration of most of the souls in the earth—one of the key events of the earth’s Great Change that is to happen for the next few years— has just begun.

It is important for all humans on the earth to realize what period we are living in and to live with the understanding of the Gaia Project and its progress. After leaving their physical bodies, they will undergo a purification process and will leave the earth for outer space.

However, the Project Guides must carry out their individual tasks before the death of their physical bodies and thus need to purify themselves first before starting the tasks. The most important aspect in the course of purification is releasing all egotistic traits and preconceived notions accumulated so far. The extent of difficulties depends on how much preconceived notions one has accumulated during the many lives, especially the present life, on the earth.

The Gaia Project is proceeding with full preparation and careful concern.
2012 apocalypse


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