Tuesday, July 29, 2008

2012 The Indigo Child

Purple Kids - Indigo-homonids - Indigo Children

Many theories concerning 2012 apcalypse revolve around the advancement of consciousness. Indigo simply refers to a chakras or an aura that is part of every human being. This aura is a metaphysical energy that is either repressed by will or by nature. Maybe to tap into this energy field is taboo and might have been considered heresy by some religious cults in days not so long past. But the fact of the matter is that more and more people are becoming aware of the possibility of other realms which can only be brought forth from the ethereal by accepting that there is such a thing and developing the mental tools necessary to live by the laws of extra sensorial perception.Some people, commonly known as psychics or mediums already know this.

There are however more and more cases being recorded about children being born with the gift of extra sensorial enlightenment. These gifted children are the Indigo Children. They show signs of increased intelligence and often find adults to be callous and self seeking. They often rebel in school perhaps somehow knowing that the material being fed to them is somehow a plot to repress what they know by intuition to be a truth beyond the realm that these well paid teachers are contracted to teach them.Are these Indigo Children the product of some evil anti social behavioural cycle or are they the new norm for the way people will live in the future?There is no answer to that question. All we can do is study the behaviour of the Indigo Child to see where this is leading. Of course the past may repeat itself as major schools attempt to stabilize their perceived reality by subjugating these children through a program of "drug induced reality".The Indigo Children seem to exhibit a mythical sense that may be the Yin to the Yang of two spirits from long ago. They may be sitting on the apogee of a curve bell where Homer the intuitive poet and Plato the rational scientist meet once again.Daniel Pinchbeck and the psychiatrist Carl Yung may have said it best when Yung stated that " People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls.", and Pinchbeck when he states that "cultural repression has been exerted on the subject of psychedelics."This is not an advertisement for ecstasy, or DMT, or any other legal or illegal drug. Far from it, the Indigo Children seem to be born with a drug free sense to see and experience an unknown realm. This realm has been seeked by shamen who use natural herbs and drug users/abusers who use cosmetic laboratory fabricated magical potions to induce trips that lead them into netherlands. McKenna and 2012 apocalypse theorists have experimented with these mind altering substances in that near past and for centuries before.The Indigo Children may soon be the paradigm of the Indigohomonid. A new breed in a New Age of enlightement.
2012 Apocalypse

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