Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enlightenment 2012

Enlightenment 2012: Kalki and the Golden Age ?

By Kiara Windrider

2012 apocalypse ? For days I experienced tremendous activity taking place in my brain ? intense pressure in one area followed by sharp fleeting pain in another. It is as if a skillful surgeon was gently performing a very intricate surgical operation. When it was over, I noticed there had been a tremendous re-organization of consciousness. I had entered into what is classically known as the state of enlightenment.
After having spent lifetimes seeking this almost mythical state of being, I was gifted with this state by an avatar in South India called Kalki Bhagavan.

There are thousands who have similarly received this state, and Kalki?s mission is ultimately to give enlightenment to every human being on this planet, a mission he intends to accomplish by 2012 AD, which is also the end-date of the Mayan calendar. I refer to this collective enlightenment as Enlightenment 2012.

What Kalki gives in his avataric consciousness is not a watered down version of enlightenment, but the same consciousness experienced by a Buddha, a Christ, a Milarepa, or a Ramana Maharshi.

The enlightenment he gives is not based on teachings, morality, or effort, but a gift of grace transferred to you by a process known as the diksha. It initiates a neurobiological shift in the brain, which leads to enlightenment. This is our natural state, says Kalki.

Kalki's teachings are universal. ?This has nothing to do with religion at all?, he emphasizes. Once you become enlightened your guiding light comes directly from within?. However, because of the Indian cultural context, which is primarily Hindu, some of the teachings and ceremonies take on the flavor of Hinduism.

My intention is to translate the teachings into as universal a language as possible, and to share this as simply as possible, without using any metaphysical concepts, so that it can be relevant to every seeker, and even to those who might consider themselves beyond religious teachings. Ultimately, the only purpose of these teachings is to point out what you already know, and to guide you into the experience.

It is my hope that as you will serve as a diksha. As I share these experiences, and something about the life and mission of Kalki and his wife, Amma, a single avataric consciousness in two bodies, it is my wish that all who read this book may be similarly blessed, and to know that the time of your soul?s deepest fulfillment is now here.

I briefly recapitulate some of the other extraordinary events taking place on the Earth right now, including little known geological and cosmological findings that are shaping human evolution. I share briefly Sri Aurobindo?s vision of the supramental descent, and highlight some of the timing keys for our planetary journey of awakening based on cosmic cycles of time, which the Mayans were able to decode through their calendar system.

I share what I have learned about other perceptions about planetary change, and how this sacred knowledge is spontaneously creating a field of enlightenment that so many are able to step into at this time. My hope is to provide a larger context for the amazing revolution that is now taking place in human evolution, in which Kalki is playing such a key role.

It is an exciting time to be alive. Given what I know today, there is no place I would rather be in all this vast cosmos than right here on Earth during this glorious time of awakening. We have waited eons and lifetimes for this, and I echo, along with Kalki, that despite all the evidence of my outer senses, there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind or heart that humanity is going to make it this time!
The world is a dream in the mind of God.

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