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Finding Messages from the Moments of Life

Finding Messages from the Moments of Life
Each individual perceives the world differently in spite of possessing identical sensory organs. While reading a newspaper or watching a TV program, people only receive the information interesting to them because of the filtering function of their minds. Especially, their different consciousness levels make them understand an identical event completely differently.

Although people perceive and interpret the world differently according to their existing knowledge, notions, and consciousness levels, their world views can be divided into three types as follows. The “ordinary” people whose consciousnesses stay in the material world possess viewpoints that belong to this type. From their viewpoints, there are mysterious phenomena in the world and unanswerable fundamental questions in life. They cannot figure out why they were born of their biological parents, and why they have to live such harsh lives while others enjoy their entire lives with fame and fortune.

The second type sees the world with the perception of the invisible world of gi or energy. Especially, the majority of the people with out-of-body experiences or spiritual faculties have this perspective. Based on their own sense of gi, many mysterious experiences, flashing images and vivid impressions, or out-of-body traveling experiences, they talk about the fundamental energy world unfolding beyond the material world. They clearly understand that the world continuously changes by the opposition, collision, and harmony of yin and yang, light and dark, or good and evil energies. They say that in the universe not only the visible material world exists, unfolding horizontally, but also different worlds of diverse dimensions beyond imagination unfold endlessly while overlapping one another.

Through their experiences, these people perceive that humans are beings that exist beyond birth and death. They understand that there are energies behind everything happening in the material world and that these energies can be changed and controlled by human minds. Also, life is created and selected by one’s mind, and the world is created by people. Consequently, those that see and interpret life from the perspective of energy have a much broader view on life than the ones tied up in material perspective, and they accept what others regard as nonsensical stories. Even to them, however, many things in life still remain as unsolved questions. As mentioned earlier, life is thought to be created by mind, but they wonder why their own lives do not unfold as they intend. They are curious why a person’s future is not realized as predicted by clairvoyance. Also, they cannot easily understand why divine providence put the world in disorder by creating negative energy, or dark energy.

The third type views the world as a field for experiences and regard humans as beings that experience by acting out their scenarios on stage. The world consists of the material world perceptible by the fives senses and the more essential energy world. Besides, everything in the world proceeds according to diverse levels of scenarios. Usually, this type of view is held by those who look back on their lives after a long period of ascetic practices and by those who realize that their lives, which seem to progress by their own will or choices, have actually progressed by certain invisible power.

A majority of people cannot easily accept the third type because they have vivid feelings that every moment of their lives is created and decided by themselves, and they tend to identify the value of humans with free will. However, recollecting that some accidental incidents or situations have unexpectedly turned the directions of their lives, they come to feel that their current lives have proceeded according to scenarios planned long time ago.

People with this perspective certainly feel that life does not advance according to one’s will or choice though they know well that energy is more essential than material, and our minds can change energy. They understand that the energy world sensible to people with spiritual abilities or to out-of-body travelers is just a small part of the invisible world in most cases and that it is usually limited to the low dimensional realm. They also know that the world that can be changed by our minds is limited to the fourth-dimensional astral world. On the other hand, they come to feel that the scenario of one’s life, which cannot be changed by one’s free will, and the collisions and oppositions constantly occurring in the material and the energy worlds have been planned in the higher dimension for experiences.

Those who see life from this level often find the existence of another self watching everything while they experience vivid sensations and emotions. When beginning to see life in this way, one comes to feel clearly that life is a vivid play for experience. Thus, one lives by surrendering oneself to divine providence or lives according to the life planned by his or her Higher Self. This is the life of wu-wei (??, doing nothing unnatural or artificial) that Lao-tzu spoke of and the life of Jesus Christ who prayed to God to be in his will rather than his own one until the last moment. Also, it is also the life of Buddha, who said that life is a maya.

As time goes by, however, their viewpoint turns to the third type. For example, even a renowned doctor cannot cure a chronic disease until the patient undergoes sufficient experiences; if a patient is cured, it is not because the healer cured him or her, but because it is time for the patient to be healed. They realize that the experiences one undergoes in life are those planned ahead because of necessity. They also come to realize that the experiences cannot be avoided easily, nor is it desirable for people to try to avoid them.

Those who become aware that life proceeds by a predetermined scenario rather than continuous events that happen by accident find hints for the future often in their present lives. As one can find a presage of the protagonist’s future in a novel, a play, or a movie, various hints on the future are given in one’s everyday life. One submerged in one’s diverse emotions that arise every moment will have difficulty in finding these kinds of hints or messages whereas one who observes oneself or is awakened will find them relatively easily. Especially, it is common that comparatively strong messages are given to a person who encounters a turning point in one’s life. These messages are revealed in diverse ways as follows: on signboards suddenly noticeable, in eye-catching newspaper articles, TV news, or contents of books, in a special encounter with a person, in extraordinary dreams, in special experiences (for example, past life regression), or in an encounter with a special number.

Some spiritual devotees never overlook the numbers encountered in their everyday lives. If one understands that messages are incessantly delivered during one’s life and that, especially, important ones are repeatedly delivered through various channels, it is desirable to look back on one’s own path or prepare for the future by listening to the messages sensed at the moment.

People who discover messages in their lives do their best in work and accept the results of their work naturally. Also, they gradually distance themselves from the lives subject to instant changes of joy and grief. Though emotions may arise at the moment when certain event happens, they are free from the emotions the second they realize the message of the event. If one perceives that everything in the universe changes according to its respective plans, life itself may be felt as an amusing puzzle game.

Perhaps, you may be thrilled to realize that divine providence has prepared the opening of the new world one by one without attracting most of the people’s attentions.

Accepting life as a message is required of all human beings living in this special period of time. It is important to recognize the scenario behind the phenomena for oneself instead of being frustrated or angry while one experiences the unexpected phenomena or events individually or socially.

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