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Memories of Lemuria-1

2012 Apocalypse
Memories of Lemuria-1

Unlike other festive days, last Lunar New Year’s Day had a new meaning to me. I have not been attending the ancestral memorial services for years under the pretext that I need not aggravate the traffic congestion caused by people’s traveling to their hometown on festive holidays. Nevertheless, I used to say hello to my siblings on the phone around the Harvest Moon Festival (Korean Thanksgiving) or Lunar New Year’s Day. On this Lunar New Year’s Day, however, even such phone calls disappeared.

Since I experienced fundamental changes of body and mind years ago, my human relationship naturally came to be newly arranged even though I made no intentional attempts for any change. My human relationships began to change as I neither felt anything special about my family and siblings nor felt the importance of friends and relatives. In this process, I experienced the collapse of the long-lasted framework of family, naturally became distant from my siblings, and hardly contacted or met my friends and relatives. Because my view on life has become very different and my interests have completely changed, a meaningful conversation with them became impossible.

The closer people were to me, the harder it was for them to accept my changes. My internal changes, however, were too resolute and fundamental for me to be concerned about other people’s thoughts or feelings.

I thought to myself, “If I change this way, it will be hard for me to make a living in the future!” Thereafter, never did I worry about my change and future, nor did I have a conflicting mind caused by the concerns of people around me. Not even having the slightest thought of trying to change my relationship with others in any way, I experienced that my human relationships changed naturally. All changes proceeded very smoothly, and I used to discover myself accepting them with an easy mind without any emotional stir.

On the other hand, most people who are spiritually awakening now, particularly those who have very high consciousnesses, are experiencing great emotional conflicts to different extents. They discover a new world as their spirituality is awakened through various opportunities, but they undergo serious struggle, realizing how hard it is to pursue spirituality in a material civilization. Surrounded by the high walls of reality, they find themselves in a dilemma.

In dealing with the above problems, many religious or spiritual leaders have argued for being in harmony with reality. They say that it is a very selfish deed deviating from human obligation to be at odds with people around you and to avoid emotional or economic responsibilities by pursuing do. Depending on one’s level of consciousness, people may well feel and perceive life differently. It is very natural for religious leaders to consider the harmony between spirituality and reality important since their perceptions still remain in the material world.

Those who know the essence of life and have certainly realized that humans are spiritual beings can understand that harmony with reality actually means making a compromise with reality, which indicates conceding or yielding to reality. If humans are spiritual beings for sure, it is reasonable to prioritize the growth of one’s spirit. However, if one keeps on pursuing material things in the name of harmony with reality, this deed cannot be regarded as harmony.

The reason some truth seekers are greatly in conflict with reality is that either their practices have not reached a sufficiently high level or their spiritual awakenings are still in progress. From the viewpoint of consciousness level, being awakened means that one’s current consciousness is elevated to the level of one’s knowing that was accumulated through many past lives, or to one’s innate level of consciousness. Awakening usually progresses through many stages during a long period. At the early stage, consciousness or perception expands through daily life or ascetic practice. This expansion occurs as one’s focus of consciousness expands from oneself to the neighbors, human beings, and to the universe and from material to non-material things. A complete awakening includes a clear awareness of one’s existence. Humans have a great amount of memories accumulated through many past lives. Since humans are essentially beings that respond based on the memories of many experiences, knowing oneself or being awakened means realizing what past lives one had in the universe and on the earth, in addition to knowing one’s future direction.
2012 Apocalypse

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