Tuesday, August 30, 2011

2012 What Will Happen

Apocalypse 2012, What Will Happen ?

Perhaps the most significant event of our time is the bombardment of a neutron star August 27, 1998 for five full minutes precisely five years to the day when Mars for the first time in ancient history came closest to the earth-signaling the end of the reign of Rome; two years later and two days later on August 29 Katrina brought down the regime with high winds and devastation-which all leads to the question: what will happen on 2012 apocalypse , the expected apocalypse when the Mayan calendar ends?
The 5,000 year old Mayan calendar when overlapping the 6000 year old Hebrew calendar aligns up with interesting occurrences at both the beginning and the end. The Mayan calendar begins in the year 666 of the Hebrew calendar; the year 1998 is multiple of 666 times three, while in the Hebrew calendar the letters made to compose the date 5758 could be rearranged to read word Nochus/Serpent.
How will the celestial alignment with the center of the galaxy-known as the mouth of the serpent-which will happen in the year 2012 apocalypse effect the earth? Some say the world will end, but that is ridiculous because God, the Creator has made many promises about the future that must come true-not for a few, but for us all. There is promised to be a thousand years of peace called the Thousand Years of Woman beginning in 228 years after the event of 2012.
Since the Mayan calendar begins on the year 666 in Hebrew calendar and ends in 2012 of the Roman calendar and 5772 of the Hebrew calendar with 228 years until the end of the Hebrew calendar all begs to be interpreted. The Creator uses numbers and events to send messages to the beloved creation. The number 666 added together makes the word Chai/Life it is the life energy of sexuality which culminates once in each thousand year period.
The year 5000 which occurred three-quarters of a millinium ago was the beginning of the time period known as Ysod/Foundational Secret when all the secrets of the world come out-the beginning of the Renaissance. In every 1000 year period there is an occurrence of the 666 the last happenstance of 666 happened in 1906 and for a hundred years has been playing out until 2006 when the regime fell. Six year later, 2012 apocalypse, the Mayan calendar ends.
In 2012  the Hebrew calendar will ascend to its highest point-5772; the number 72 is indicative to the essence of the human being. The 228 years left until the year 6000 which will constitute the beginning of the seventh and final millennium culminating in the ascension of the united human soul to a new planet-can also be interpreted. Written out in Hebrew the number 228 comprised the word Karachim/Fissures. The year 2012 expected apocalypse is an opening, but after the window is closed there still remains a wall between Creator and creation.
By 2012 government will be in the hands of the people and all that stands between the human being and God will be religion; the wall of religion pens us in with dogma and guilt. To bring down religion only requires fissures in the wall; because of its innate weakness religion will fall of its own. Through the fissures in the wall the human soul will merge with the human body; as the resplendent human spirit radiated from the celestial human soul comes to the earth the closer to the Creator we will all become.
On that day, the Name (the creation) and the Creator will be one.
2012 Apocalypse


David Handy said...

Being 14 of age, i found this interesting. Im curious as to why 2012 is such a big year.
The olympics.
End of the Mayan Calendar
The supposed "Apocalypse"
The Galactic Alignment.

A pretty big year it seems!

When i turn 18, there will be but
151 days to enjoy the benefits of being a Adult if there is to be a Apocalypse!

Anonymous said...

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