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The Maya Katun Prophecies

The Maya Katun Prophecies

2012 apocalypse

The term "Mayan Calendar" fairly often these days. Mesoamerican astrology is uniquely time-based and consists of symbolic time-periods grouped symmetrically in fours, fives, nines, thirteens, and twenties. Such calendar-like groupings are a kind of astrology, a truly Native American astrology.
What is popularly known as the Mayan Calendar is what archaeologists, anthropologists, and archaeoastronomers call the Long Count. The Long Count is a large segment of time (1/5 of the 26,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinoxes) with a definite starting and ending point. The period began on August 11, 3114 BC and it ends on December 21, 2012. The Long Count, a span of 5,125 years, was further divided by the ancient Maya into 13ths, 20ths, and 260ths. The 13th parts (394 years) were called baktuns. The 260th parts (19.7 years) were called katuns. The 20ths of the Long Count were groups of 13 katuns (256 years) sometimes referred to as the "short count." The 256-year cycle of thirteen katuns, the "short count," was clearly a Mayan prophecy cycle. Each of the 13 katuns has a specific "fate" attached to it and the Maya believed that the occurrence, or arrival, of each katun brought with it this fate. The manner of distinguishing these thirteen katuns from each other is complex and requires an understanding of the tzolkin/Tonalpouhalli. It turns out that each of the thirteen katuns in the cycle is indicated by a number and the name Ahau, this being the day of the 260-day astrological calendar on which the last day of the katun falls.(2)

Any given katun in the cycle was always followed by a katun that was numbered two less. For example, katun 10-Ahau was followed by Katun 8-Ahau. The katun from which the cycle was said to begin was katun 11-Ahau. (3)

Essentially, the cycle of thirteen katuns was for the Maya a kind of mundane astrology, not an astrology of the individual, but of the society and its history. In the several books of Chilam Balam, the influences of the thirteen katuns are stated, usually as a description of historical events that occurred during previous cycles. It becomes clear to the reader, however, that the Maya always expected history to repeat itself and it is also obvious that the ancient Maya were not very optimistic about their fate. The delineations below are a composite taken from the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel and the Codex Perez and the Book of Chilam Balam of Mani.

Katun 11-Ahau: Apparently food is scarce during this katun and invading foreigners arrive and disperse the population. It was during the span of this katun that the Spanish began their takeover of Yucatan and imposed Christianity on the natives.

Katun 9-Ahau: This is a period of bad government where the ruler abuses his people and commits misdeeds. Rulers are so bad that they wind up losing some of their power to the priests. Carnal sin and adultery are practiced openly, by rulers and others, and it is also a time of wars. It is the katun of the "forcible withdrawal of the hand," a phrase the meaning of which is unclear.

Katun 7-Ahau: This is apparently a time of social excess including drinking and adultery, a low point in the history of the society. Governments stoop to their lowest. The "bud of the flower," an allusion to eroticism, is said to sprout during this katun.

Katun 5-Ahau: During this katun of misfortune, rulers and their subjects separate -- the people lose faith in their leaders. Leaders may be harshly treated, even hung. There is also an abundance of snakes, a great famine, and few births during this period.

Katun 3-Ahau: This katun brings changes and calamities such as drought and wars. Katun 1-Ahau: This katun brings even worse troubles, weak rulers and destruction. Governments fall apart due to rivalries. Katun 12-Ahau: Finally a good katun. During this period government and rulers are wise. Poor men become rich and their is abundance in the land. Katun 10-Ahau: Although this is a holy katun, there is trouble in the land once again. This katun brings drought and famine and is a time of foreign occupation, calendar change, and sadness.

Katun 8-Ahau: This may be the worst of the katuns as both Chichen Itza and Mayapan, the two great ruling cities of Yucatan, were destroyed during its period. It is the katun of "settling down in a new place."

Katun 6-Ahau: This is a time of bad government and deceptive government. There is also starvation and famine.

Katun 4-Ahau: There will be scarcities of corn and squash during this katun and this will lead to great mortality. This was the katun during which the settlement of Chichen Itza occurred, when the man-god Kukulcan (Quetzalcoatl) arrived. It is the katun of remembering and recording knowledge.

Katun 2-Ahau: For half of the katun there will be food, for half some misfortunes. This katun brings the end of the "word of God." It is a time of uniting for a cause.

Katun 13-Ahau: This is a time of total collapse where everything is lost. It is the time of the judgment of God. Governments will be lost to foreigners and wise men, and prophets will be lost.

This extremely depressing set of "fates leaves much to be desired. Out of thirteen katuns only one, katun 12-Ahau, has a positive reading, and perhaps katuns 4-Ahau and 2-Ahau could be construed to be somewhat positive. Here are the dates of katuns during the past 1,000 years

Katun # Western years

13 Ahau 1007 1263 1520 1776 2032
11 Ahau 1027 1283 1539 1796 2052
9 Ahau 1046 1303 1559 1815
7 Ahau 1066 1322 1579 1835
5 Ahau 1086 1342 1598 1855
3 Ahau 1106 1362 1618 1874
1 Ahau 1125 1382 1638 1894
12 Ahau 1145 1401 1658 1914
10 Ahau 1165 1421 1677 1934
8 Ahau 1185 1441 1697 1953
6 Ahau 1204 1460 1717 1973
4 Ahau 1224 1480 1736 1993
2 Ahau 1244 1500 1756 2012

The table shows that we have recently lived through katun 6-Ahau: 1973-1993. During this period there was deceptive government (Watergate, Iran/Contragate) and we did have an actor for a president. There has also been an acute awareness of famines in Africa. The last time this katun occurred was between 1717 and 1736. During this period the "South Sea Bubble," a major business failure caused a financial panic, and in England, the old and young "Pretenders" continued to claim the throne. It was during another katun 6-Ahau, this one from 1460 to 1480, that the Spanish Inquisition was established and Lorenzo the Magnificent ruled Florence. Finally, katun 6-Ahau of 1204 to 1224 saw the Children's Crusade, an example of mass deception if there ever was one. Perhaps there is something to this cycle of katuns.

And what of the present katun, katun 4-Ahau? According to the Maya inscriptions, the katun began on 4/6/1993 and ends with the entire Long Count/creation epoch on 12/21/2012. Following the prophecy scheme of the cycle of the 13 katuns listed above, we could expect scarcities and the arrival of great leaders. It is also the katun of "remembering knowledge and writing it down." For example, katun 4-Ahau lasted from 1224 to 1244. The next time this katun came up was between 1480 and 1500. Clearly, this was a period of great voyages and discoveries -- but things were also relatively stable politically which made exploration possible. This period also marks an important period of growth in printing. Katun 4-Ahau came up next between 1736 and 1756. The War of the Austrian Succession 1740-1748 did bring a settlement of territories and a measure of stability, and there were a number of alliances formed during this time as well. Finally, the present Long Count/creation epoch of the Maya comes to an end on December 21st (the winter solstice), of 2012 apocalypse. What will the katun that begins this new era be like? The Maya regarded katun 2-Ahau as half good and half bad, a time of uniting for a cause, but also as the katun during which came the "end of the word of God." It is true that in previous 2-Ahau katuns there were great religious or ideological crises. Also in 1517 Martin Luthor started the Protestant Reformation. 256 years later, between 1756 and 1776, the ideas of liberty and the rights of countries and individuals became a growing trend and this led to the American colonies declaring independence from England. If the Maya were right, then don't hold your breath for the mere millennium, the year 2000, hang on for the real changes that should begin twelve years later in 2012 and culminate with katun 13-Ahau which starts in 2032.

Like a biorhythm, which is the perfect form of a natural, though usually numerically inexact cycle, the katun allowed the Maya to better organize their life and to predict the future. Like a fractal wave, the Maya saw history as repeating itself on differing scales. With this knowledge they timed their rituals and gave meaning to human life.
2012 apocalypse

2012 What Will Happen

Apocalypse 2012, What Will Happen ?

Perhaps the most significant event of our time is the bombardment of a neutron star August 27, 1998 for five full minutes precisely five years to the day when Mars for the first time in ancient history came closest to the earth-signaling the end of the reign of Rome; two years later and two days later on August 29 Katrina brought down the regime with high winds and devastation-which all leads to the question: what will happen on 2012 apocalypse , the expected apocalypse when the Mayan calendar ends?
The 5,000 year old Mayan calendar when overlapping the 6000 year old Hebrew calendar aligns up with interesting occurrences at both the beginning and the end. The Mayan calendar begins in the year 666 of the Hebrew calendar; the year 1998 is multiple of 666 times three, while in the Hebrew calendar the letters made to compose the date 5758 could be rearranged to read word Nochus/Serpent.
How will the celestial alignment with the center of the galaxy-known as the mouth of the serpent-which will happen in the year 2012 apocalypse effect the earth? Some say the world will end, but that is ridiculous because God, the Creator has made many promises about the future that must come true-not for a few, but for us all. There is promised to be a thousand years of peace called the Thousand Years of Woman beginning in 228 years after the event of 2012.
Since the Mayan calendar begins on the year 666 in Hebrew calendar and ends in 2012 of the Roman calendar and 5772 of the Hebrew calendar with 228 years until the end of the Hebrew calendar all begs to be interpreted. The Creator uses numbers and events to send messages to the beloved creation. The number 666 added together makes the word Chai/Life it is the life energy of sexuality which culminates once in each thousand year period.
The year 5000 which occurred three-quarters of a millinium ago was the beginning of the time period known as Ysod/Foundational Secret when all the secrets of the world come out-the beginning of the Renaissance. In every 1000 year period there is an occurrence of the 666 the last happenstance of 666 happened in 1906 and for a hundred years has been playing out until 2006 when the regime fell. Six year later, 2012 apocalypse, the Mayan calendar ends.
In 2012  the Hebrew calendar will ascend to its highest point-5772; the number 72 is indicative to the essence of the human being. The 228 years left until the year 6000 which will constitute the beginning of the seventh and final millennium culminating in the ascension of the united human soul to a new planet-can also be interpreted. Written out in Hebrew the number 228 comprised the word Karachim/Fissures. The year 2012 expected apocalypse is an opening, but after the window is closed there still remains a wall between Creator and creation.
By 2012 government will be in the hands of the people and all that stands between the human being and God will be religion; the wall of religion pens us in with dogma and guilt. To bring down religion only requires fissures in the wall; because of its innate weakness religion will fall of its own. Through the fissures in the wall the human soul will merge with the human body; as the resplendent human spirit radiated from the celestial human soul comes to the earth the closer to the Creator we will all become.
On that day, the Name (the creation) and the Creator will be one.
2012 Apocalypse

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It appears open to interpretation as to whether December 2012 apocalypse will bring total destruction or a transformation of our world. So, below are prophecies (not necessarily Mayan) for 2012:

1. There have been three or four previous races and ages of humanity (depending upon the source you read). All of these have been destroyed in major cataclysms. December 21.2012 marks the end of this age and it will end in major catastrophes such as Earthquakes. (see commentary on this statement below)

2. For half of the katun (20 year Mayan cycle) there will be food, for half some misfortunes. This katun brings the end of the "word of God." It is a time of uniting for a cause.

3. As we pass through transition there is a colossal, global convergence of environmental destruction, social chaos, war and ongoing Earth changes.

4. The Earth will undergo a magnetic field shift, reversing the polarity of the planet.

5. An asteroid or comet will collide with the Earth.

2012 apocalypse

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2012 Judgement Day

2012 Judgement Day
December 21, 2012: Judgment Day
By David Brooks

Science can neither confirm nor discredit the validity of many religiously or prophetically deemed judgment days of the future, the soonest of which will be arriving December 21, 2012, the final day of the Mayan Calendar. Although the Mayas reached their conclusion astrologically, many religious beliefs and prophets have also independently attached different earth-shattering events to take place during relatively the same neighborhood in time. As the winter solstice of 2012 apocalypse draws nearer, scientists and skeptics alike are paying close attention to the world's development and potential signs that might support the Mayan calendar's End-Time date or the religious belief of others in a prophesied Judgment Day.
Most religions throughout history that believe in a God or a Creator have had some sort a judgment day within their belief system. In each case, this is a time when the earth shall be destroyed or cleansed of the wrong-doers and those that believe in their God shall be saved or brought to heaven to reside in His Kingdom. Both the Jewish and the Islamic faiths have specific end-time dates arriving within 229 years of the Mayan prediction in 2012 apocalypse. The Jewish date is in October of 2240 while the Islamic date falls in the "Year of the Haj" in 2076. The Jewish faith maintains that each one thousand years marks one day for God. Likewise, many Christian prophets have claimed that He shall return on the third day of God, which could be anytime between January 1, 2001 and December 31, 3000, each day of God again being represented by a thousand years.

The Christian faith gives no specific date for when God is going to return to earth and destroy all evil while taking His followers with him to Heaven. Instead, the Book of Revelations talks of diminishing faith, increased violence, world wars, world catastrophes, and natural disasters mounting shortly before His reappearance. Many religious leaders look at today's crime rates, Tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, wars being fought between nations, and the growing number of atheists as signs that God's return will be soon. In 2005, La Voz De Aztlan reported, "...many of the Old and New Testament biblical prophecies of the end-times correlate amazingly with religious beliefs of the Mayas and other indigenous civilizations of the western hemisphere."

The Mayan calendars use astrology rather than faith in pin-pointing their version of the last day on earth as we know it. The Mayas were well ahead of their time in regards to tracking the stars and motions in the skies. The mere fact that they were aware of a solar system and the difference between planets and stars without the use of high-powered telescopes baffles scientists and historians to this day. Nonetheless, their calendars have been proven to be by far the most accurate in existence.

The Mayans claim that time will no longer be able to be measured after December 21, 2012 apocalypse because it will no longer consistently travel in the same pattern that it does today. This could very easily be a description of what would happen to time if the earth got thrown off its axis. Likewise, if its orbit around the sun is changed, so is the length of a year. Their explanation was that the solar system will reach the conclusion of a 5,125 year natural cycle on December 21, 2012, at which time drastic changes will take place. Scientists have confirmed that, in much the same manner as a year cycles through the four seasons, the Mayas were once again correct in regards to the 5,125 year seasonal cycle of the solar system.

From 1555 to 1566, he wrote hundreds of quatrains. Each of these quatrains is a prediction, a vision he claimed he had gotten from the future that had been delivered to him by God. Most of his predictions were related to the political and economic conditions of his own era, the late 1500's and into the 1600's, but he also counted the number of future world wars correctly, going so far as to name "Hizler" as the second anti-Christ behind World War II. Many scholarly translators of Nostradamus' work believe this prediction came to fruition on September 11, 2001 with the World Trade Center's collapse in New York City.

From his quatrains that are considered relevant to today and potentially coincide with the type of dramatic changes that would take place during the prophesied end-time days, some experts translate to state that a war will begin out of the Middle East and the third anti-Christ will be a man with a turban and a beard. He predicts that there will be massive, worldwide loss of life, both militant and civilian. He then claims that a millennium of peace will follow this final world war, which some interpret as starting over, or not enough people left in the world to fight.

Nostradamus was well-known and not appreciated by the government in power at the time of his writings. There is no doubt that Nostradamus had an incredible insight of some sort to be aware of world wars, planes, and submarines, to name but a few, hundreds of years before they took place or were invented. Precise dates, and many times the event itself, however, are subject to translation of his original work, which not every translator sees eye to eye on.

In light of so many unrelated sources pinpointing the same relatively small span of time for a cataclysmic event to occur, many scientists are carefully tracking the numbers and severities of today's natural disasters and comparing them closely to the past. In Revelations, as the world as we know it nears its final days, natural disasters are on the increase. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a government funded organization, in the 1900's there were 110 earthquakes large enough to cause 1000 or more deaths throughout the world. The great San Francisco earthquake of 1906, for example, caused 3,000 deaths. With today's population, that same earthquake could easily be responsible for 30,000 deaths.

This leaves us to look at the severity of the earthquakes. The Richter Magnitude scale is used to measure the strength of each quake. During the first fifty years, the 1.1 earthquakes per year averaged a 6.6 on the Richter scale. The average in numbers is only half an earthquake more per year, but the average Richter scale level has risen quite a bit to 7.5.

Hurricanes and tropical storms are also being closely tracked. According to the National Hurricane Center, the United States had more hurricanes in the first half of the 1900's than the second half by twenty-three, but the percentage of those hurricanes that were ranked in the most severe categories rose from 32% to 39% in the latter half.

On the most recent years, CNN News reports that a record number of storms hit the U.S. in 2005. The seasonal average for named storms is ten. That puts over 50% of the hurricanes into the higher categories, a dramatic increase from the last century.

Another natural phenomenon going on right now that scientist and governments alike are very concerned about that could potentially cause the realization of the Mayan prediction regarding the fate of the earth, is global warming, or more specifically, the melting of the earth's ice caps. "Temps in the arctic are rising twice as fast as they are in the rest of the world" (Bill Owens).

Bob Corell, one of the world's top authorities on climate change, recently joined with 300 scientists from eight countries and put together The Arctic Climate Impact Assessment. Corell adds, for CBS News, that sea levels which have risen 10 inches over the last century will have risen an additional three feet during the next 100 years. The result of this would cause the lowlands in virtually every country in the world to be under water. The Netherlands would simply no longer exist.

On August 23, 2005, the India Daily Technology Team, released a study about the overall condition of our planet, stating "The tectonic plate shifts, underwater volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides and Tsunamis are increasing at rates never seen before...The number of floods and droughts has increased beyond imagination in the last ten years." The numbers in some cases are indeed up, but in most there is little change. However, the intensity or magnitude of these natural disasters has most definitely increased and currently show no signs of changing this trend.

The increased severities of these storms and earthquakes, as well as the predicted melting of the ice caps, are all natural phenomenon that may be taking place as part of the natural cycle of the solar system. Just as every summer melts away the winter snow and ice, the rising temperatures here on earth could be a part of a change of seasons in the solar system. Since the end of this cycle occurs December 21, 2012 the apocalypse, it stands to reason that a new cycle will begin on December 22, 2012. We know that the solar system, as well as the planet we live on, has been through this cycle countless times in its billions of years of existence. We also know that the earth has been through many of these cycles without falling off its axis. Since the ice caps are not predicted to melt completely for another century or so, and the new solar season begins in less than six years, it is quite possible that the new season could begin to correct these natural phenomena before they contribute to the destruction of life on this planet as we know it. People were stocking up on supplies and preparing for a world-wide economic collapse just before the turn of the century based purely on the suspicions of a few paranoid folks in power. By 2010, the paranoia that the Maya's might be correct will undoubtedly reach discussion levels to equal the intensity of Y2K, if not surpass it. But without concrete scientific evidence that the structure of time is going to change as in the Mayan prediction, or that the earth is going to change its rotation or orbit around the sun in less than six years, in my opinion, we will more than likely see another prophesied judgment day come and go once again. Then after a collective, global, sigh of relief, we will undoubtedly shift our attention to the next potential judgment day in 2040 when all nine planets of our solar system line up in a straight line for the first time in hundreds of thousands of years.
2012 apocalypse.
2012-apocalypse: end-of-time

Memories of Lemuria-2

Memories of Lemuria-2
2012 Apocalypse

Among the past lives that human beings memorize, particularly those that beings with very high consciousnesses memorize in their auras, the most precious life should be that in Lemuria, or Mu (Mooh) continent, which can be regarded as the origin of humankind. About a million years ago from now, the first consciousness in the universe called Mu and many other beings with very high consciousnesses from various parts of the universe came to the earth. They were experts from the whole universe who gathered at the earth—a planet created to assume a special role in the development of the universe—to progress a special event. Remaining in an energy state of uncontaminated consciousnesses, they lived while singing, clapping hands, and dancing together.

Neither worries to fulfill the need for food, clothing, and shelter nor greed for material things existed. Selfishness, jealousy, envy, and rage that humankind is currently experiencing did not exist in Lemuria. The beings loved each other and were in harmony in the crystal clear and clean environment of the earth.

As time passed by, however, beings with consciousnesses of low frequencies flocked to the earth. The frequency of the earth gradually lowered, and the earth went through the process of materialization. In this process, the Lemurian society began to change rapidly and fundamentally. Some of the beings with higher consciousnesses that had not experienced life and death by staying in an etheric state returned to the universe. On the other hand, others that promised to remain on the earth until the dimensional ascension in the future began to prepare for various lives to adapt themselves to the lower consciousnesses on the earth.

As the earth materialized, the system of reincarnation was introduced, and in this system nobody could have a whole memory of one’s past or live a life completely revealing one’s intrinsic capabilities. Thus, of the beings that opened the Lemurian period, those that promised to keep remaining on the earth began to experience reincarnation under the same condition as the other beings in the material earth, with their cosmic capabilities and knowledge being sealed. Their physical lives on the earth were planned in terms of two aspects: to accumulate energies needed for the role each being has to carry out in the period of the earth’s dimensional ascension and to effectively undergo each being’s learning that should be experienced.

Life on the earth has not at all been easy to anybody—a life in which one, in total oblivion of one’s self, perceives vivid feelings through the five senses. Many Lemurian beings reincarnated into high priests, monks, political or religious leaders, Hwan-oong, or Dan-goon in diverse ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis, Hwan-kook, Egypt, Inca, Maya, and the civilizations that followed. They also experienced many common lives not known at all. Because of the vague memories of their existence, which are occasionally sensed through their feelings, they have lived tougher lives than others and have lived in obscure nostalgia and yearning for the universe.

As the earth’s ascension begins, these Lemurian beings are collectively awakening from a long sleep. Their awakenings are occurring through diverse stages planned according to each being’s program in this life, so each being is currently at a different stage. Experiencing a complete awakening, they will obtain powerful internal strength that enables one to begin one’s true life without any compromise. Possessing vague impressions of the earth’s dimensional ascension, many Lemurian beings who are awakening now think they should do something. They think they should take the lead to protect the earth’s environment, to help the miserable, or to help people’s consciousnesses grow, and many of them are already in action. The tasks they should truly do in this life will not begin until after they experience the last stage of awakening.

On the surface, life seems to progress by one’s will and capability, but in fact it unfolds according to planned scenarios, and humans are beings who experience those scenarios. Thoughts to accomplish or achieve something occur because one does not totally realize that life is a stage play to experience. Also, people’s thought that systemized efforts for the development of spirituality is necessary should be reconsidered. With no exception, organizations and groups are formed based on people’s desires. So far, most people have placed too much confidence in the strength of humankind and have believed that human beings change the world even though they have witnessed great natural disasters occasionally. Although people know that the earth is merely a grain of sand in the beach, they have negated beings of outer space and have lived with a blind faith that the earth’s Great Change will not happen during their lifetimes. Moreover, those events will reveal that a more fundamental energy world, which is unfolded infinitely, exists behind the visible material world and that eventually the world will evolve by the will of divine providence and not by that of humankind. I expect that the earth’s Great Change progressing on a full scale will definitely show this aspect to the whole humankind.

Those who expand their awareness and begin to know the essence of life through spiritual experiences find that people who are desperate to only obtain and consume material things surround them. Moreover, they come to rediscover the fact that all media such as newspaper, magazine, TV, and the Internet are filled with heroic episodes of people excelling in achieving wealth and fame. What is needed for them now may not be turning their eyes to the outer world. It is necessary to feel the rapidly changing earth energy and listen to the collapsing sound of the existing material system through the spiritual sense that is gradually being developed. I expect everybody spiritually awakening now to feel deeply the following message: “You do not need to worry at all about the future.
2012 apocalypse

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