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2012 Apocalypse Theories

2012 Apocalypse Theories

Some interpreters believe this to be a transition time where consciousness will evolve while others interpret Bakt'un 13 to be the end of physical existence. December 21, 2012 the expected 2012 apocalypse, like any other December 21 is the day of the winter solstice. Astronomers have calculated the peak time of this one to be 11:11 which adds much fuel to the interpreters of prophecy.
There is no denying that 2012 apocalypse and the years surrounding 2012 are bringing the Earth and Sun in a direct alignment with the core of the Milky Way galaxy and there is no denying that this is an event that occurs only once every 26000 years.
This event involves an alignment of Earth, Venus, and the Sun and occurs twice in 8 years but once the paired event passes it doesn't reoccur for a few centuries. One of the main themes for 2012 apocalypse prophecy i found is the end date of the Mayan Calendar or Bakt'un 13. Most scholars set the start date at 3113 BC and the end date at 2012.
The number 26000 is a recurring theme also. The Fifth World prophecy of the meso american Aztecs is about five eras that end in mass destruction and rebirth. Each era lasts 5125 years. The precession of the equinox is an association between the north pole and zodiac constellations that lasts 26000.
There is the Hopi Kachina Blue Star prophecy that may involve the 26000 year galactic alignment cycle or some comets.
There is the Sumarian Nibiru or planet X prophecy that states that a dual sun makes an appearance inside the orbits of the common planets every 3600 hundred years or so.
There is the Seven Fire Prophecy of the Anishinabe which predicts a return to the harmonic ways of the past.
There are the Bible prophecies of revelation that predict the rise of an antichrist who tricks mankind into believing that he is the one sent to save them from themselves and leads them into utter despair and of a physical/metaphysical war that presents itself through the decoding of sealed prophecies. Strangely enough this evil trickster is represented as Lord Tzecatlipoca in the Fifth Sun Prophecy as the sorcerer with the Smoking Mirrors.
There are the Hindu Brahman prophecies of the Divya Yuga cycle of time.
And that is just the beginning, it seems that every culture and religion in history has had it's prophets, shaman, high-priests or priestesses able to tap into the psychic realm to see through time at an age of total physical destruction transitioning humanity into a new evoluted form of spiritual enlightenment.
2012-apocalypse: maya-katun-prophecies.

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