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2012 The Coming of The New Age



When the Moon is in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace shall guide the planets, and love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius


On 12-29-05/12-30-05 we listened to John Major Jenkins talking about what is going to happen in 2012, specifically December 21, 2012 apocalypse when the Mayan calendar ends.

I have dreamed of 2012 and the Mayan calendar before. What I dream does not relate to what other people say about 2012, except that I dream in numbers frequently.

After I shut off the radio I had this dream:

DREAM: I was in a warm climate somewhere. Out the window of the house I was in, I saw 2 plane crashes, one after another, and then saw a strange-shaped cloud in the sky that suddenly went scudding across the sky really fast. The cloud changed so that it looked like a Mayan astronaut on a magic flying carpet - all in white.

I ran home because I heard my daughters screaming. When I ran into the room, the girls shouted that the Christmas tree was falling over and they were trying desperately to keep it up by propping it up with wooden canes with handles on them. I couldn't get the tree to stand up either and leaned it on the round dining room table.

On the table was a blue table cloth I had knitted with a circular pattern on it. The pattern consisted of 3 stacked rows of numbers and right/left glyphs in block style. I knew this represented the Mayan calendar At the innermost part of this calendar circle was a small scissors shape and I knew I should use a 'thame' to divide the stack of numbers and when I used the scissors and drew it down the stack of numbers, the numbers that were 1 - 1 became 2-2
and the ones that were _ - 1 became 1 - _. The ones that were _ -1 became 1 - _ .

Joe came rushing in and I showed him what happened to the Mayan calendar cycle and that it had shifted and doubled its numbers. He looked at it and then realized that the third row over
should be shifted as well. What as ||||| - _ should be _ - ||||| and the lines that were _ - ||||| should be _ - |||||.

So he physically shifted them over one by one leaving them looking like big holes _____ and I knew I was going to have to mend the holes so that it once again became the shifted pattern it was supposed to be.

Joe was all excited that we had discovered what had happened to the Mayan calendar cycle in 2012. It wasn't ending, it was shifting and doubling. Joe said, "I'm going to have to call George Noory and go on the radio and tell him this."

End of dream:

This related to another dream I had of the Mayan Calendar:

1-14-2001 - I had spent an hour knitting an afghan which was very complicated. My eyes were getting tired, so I decided to lay down and take a nap. The dream was very strange, related to
the knitting I had just been doing ... but the numbers in the vision and the way I was knitting was NOT normal.
Women who know how to knit will understand this better than men will. I knitted a cast-off of 26 stitches on a swatch of material. In the next row I cast back on 26 stitches so that it created a long narrow rectangular window, rather like a button hole. I also cast-off one stitch in one row, then cast on that same stitch on the next row, thereby making a square hole. The dream showed me that it was labeled 'camera'.

Then a box was created (which is impossible to do in knitting) of 26 cast off stitches, a number of rows knitted up, then cast back on 26 stitches so that a square box was created and it was held open by a stick on the diagonal from corner to corner, left bottom to upper right.

I wasn't even going to write this down, but the numbers keep nagging at me and why was that one stitch called, 'camera'?

NOTE: After researching the number, it appears that the '26' represents the long count and the '1' represents the short count of the Mayan calendar system.Some Mayan groups froze their New Year to July 26, “when Sirius rises in that part of the world.”

On January 1 at midnight, Sirius culminates, reaching its highest point in the sky, at the only time of year when it is visible all night long.

NOTE: I wondered why the planes fell out of the sky at the same time the Mayan cloud scudded across the sky - and that could be caused by a sudden pole shift. That would probably explain the Christmas tree falling over making the girls scream, but I was obviously oblivious to what had just happened. It didn't affect me physically.

I found this: 'in camera' (adverb) Synonyms: SECRETLY, by stealth, clandestinely, covertly,
furtively, hugger-mugger, privately, stealthily, sub rosa, surreptitiously

Thus the word camera is not just a noun ... the name of an object we take for granted . Perhaps there is something else going on. the divine Name Jehovah Elohim, we should note that, in Hebrew, Jehovah adds to 26, the number of letters in the english alphabet and the value of GOD in the LUX code. In the NOX code, the Holy Word of Tantrick Buddhism, OM, as well as the Lost
Word of the Master Masons as MABN, or ABMN, also add to 26. The Hebrew transliterations of these two secret Words possess the same value as our Word of the Law, Thelema, 93.


Long Count

Another component of the Mayan calendar is called the Long Count. It is made up of the larger cycles of the Mayan calendar and seems to extend to infinity. It is composed of a 360-day cycle called tun, a 20-tun cycle called katun and a 20-katun (400-tun) cycle called baktun. There are also larger cycles calculated by multiplying the baktun by twenty, and the resulting cycle by twenty and so on.
In the astrological use of the Long Count, a 13-tun cycle, a 13-katun cycle and a 13-baktun cycle are also counted. Notice the similarity between the 360 days of the tun and the 360° of a circle and the zodiac. Don't confuse the 360-day tun with the 365-day Haab. The 360-day tun is composed of complete 20-day Daykeeper cycles (18 x 20 = 360), while the 365-day Haab is

What is relevant to us today is that we are approaching the end of a 13-baktun cycle. When people generally say that the Mayan calendar ends in 2012, they are referring to the end of this
125-year cycle that began in 3114 BCE. There is some controversy over the starting and ending dates of this particular 13-baktun cycle.

In order to better understand why some believe that the Mayan Long Count actually ends in 2012, it is necessary to recognize certain astrological and galactic cycles. There exist astrological cycles that map the "light" of creation, the "seedings" from the darkness and the interplay between the light and the dark that is fundamental to creation itself. The cycles of the Sun and Venus together are a key light cycle. Eclipse cycles are a fundamental cycle of darkness for the
Earth. The interrelationships between the cycles of light and dark reveal the ongoing creation of life on the Earth and the evolution of the Earth within the Galaxy.

A major Sun/Venus event occurs in 2012, as do two profound solar eclipses. The coming together of a cycle of light and a cycle of darkness at the time of the conclusion of a unique series of galactic alignments hints at the underlying reason why the conclusion of this Mayan 13-baktun cycle is sometimes called the end of the Mayan calendar.

In 2012, there will be the rare occurrence of a transit of Venus. This is when Venus passes directly in front of the Sun from our perspective on the Earth. It is a perfect alignment between the Earth, Venus and the Sun. The last transit of Venus occurred in 1882, around the time of the rediscovery of ancient Mayan sacred sites. Transits of Venus occur on the average twice every 120 or so years.


The Mayans used the stars and planetary cycles to keep time since the stars and planets can pretty much be counted on to remain the same from year to year. Many cultures did this - keeping track of the rising and setting of the moon, sun, and various planets and stars over time, marking them with standing stones such as Stonehenge and others around the world like that.

Here are some examples:

Venus: According to the Manuscript of Serna, a missionary report from central Mexico, the natives "adored and made more sacrifices" to Venus than any other "celestial or terrestrial
creatures" apart from the sun. The Manuscript also tells us that . "The reason why this star was held in such esteem by the lords and people, and the reason why they counted their days by this star and yielded reverence and offered sacrifices to it, was because these deluded natives thought or believed that when one of their principal gods, named Topilzin or Quetzalcoatl, died and left this world, he transformed himself into that resplendent star."
The Maya equivalent of Quetzalcoatl was Kukulkan. Both the Nahautl and Yucatec names translate as "quetzel bird-snake" or "plumed serpent". Kukulkan was a post-Classical deity, perhaps introduced to the Maya by the Toltecs, who were influential at Chichen Itza and other centres in the northern Yucatan. Bishop Landa, writing in 1566 reported that "[With] the Itzas who settled Chichen Itza there ruled a great lord named Cuculcan, as an evidence of which the principal building [pyramid] is called Cuculcan. They said he came from the West, but are not agreed as to whether he came before or after the Itzas, or with them. . . and that after his return he was regarded in Mexico as one of their gods, and called Cezalcohuati [Quetzalcoatl]. In the Yucatan also he was reverenced as a god, because of his great services to the state, as appeared in the order which he established in the Yucatan after the death of the chiefs, to settle the discord caused in the land . "
In Maya myth, Venus is the companion of the sun. This no doubt reflects the fact that Venus is always close to the sun in the sky, rising not long before sunrise as morning star or after sunset as evening star. In the Classical period (250-900 AD), Venus was associated with Hun Ahaw, who guided his twin Yax Balam, the sun, through the Underworld. Hun Ahaw later became
Hunaphu in the Hero Twins myth cycle in the post-Conquest Popul Vuh. Translator Dennis Tedlock interprets these myths as an account of the apparitions of Venus from heliacal rise as
morning star, through disappearance beneath the night time horizon, to rise again as evening star. See "The Chinkultic disk" for more about the Hero twins


The association between the sun and Venus appears to date back to the pre-Classical period. A huge pair of jaguar masks decorated a temple facade at Cerros in about 50 BC. According to Schele and Freidel, the lower masks represent the sun at each horizon; the upper masks symbolize Venus as morning and evening star.

The Venus table in the post-Classical Dresden Codex (c. 1200 AD) begins with heliacal rise of the planet on the date 1 (hun) Ahaw in the sacred almanac known as the tzolk'in. But the post-Classical deity most closely associated with Venus is Kukulkan, the Maya counterpart of the Aztec/Toltec culture hero Quetzelcoatl. He is illustrated in the Dresden Codex Venus table. However, the table actually includes a whole pantheon of Venus deities. Kulkukan is portrayed as only one of four Lords of Venus at heliacal rise. There are also four Lords of Venus as morning star, and Venus Lords for each of the other apparitions of the planet. More about the Dresden Codex Venus table and Venus deities

" I want to pay full attention go the planet Venus. As you know, it takes 243 days to make an entire circle around the sun. With this number, many codes can be broken. My intuition drew me straight to the number that shows the shifting of the Zodiac. I divided this number by the orbit
period of Venus and came to the amazing conclusion: 25,920 divided by 243 = 106.66666. "

Patrick Geryl relates the number 106.66666 to the 2012 Apocalypse. After a lot of calculations, on page 247, he says, "I found it! This was exactly what the Bible predicted. The number 66666
indicates that the end of an era has been or will be reached. And Venus is the main code in it!"
"my attention was drawn to a chapter about the period of the orbit of Venus. I thumbed through it - maybe I could discover something interesting, you never know.

Suddenly I felt as thought I had been struck by lightning. What I saw that the period of the orbit of Venus was not 243 but 224.7 days. the number 243 was mentioned beneath the orbit period, and involved the number of days Venus needs to rotate on its own axis. Our earth only needs one day to do this, but Venus takes a lot more time. It turns so slowly that it takes over a Venusian year to make one rotation - the Venusian day is longer than its year. ... This led me to discover something incredibly important, you will understand in a minute. "

" Since 1964, radar observations have provided another point of view, proving that the rotation
lasts 243 days and runs backwards! ,,,,

"1) The codes prove that the number 243 is important and was well known by the people of Atlantis.

2) The number 25,920 shows us the precession of the earth.

That means that after 25,920 years, the earth has made one retrograde rotation around its axis. Each year, the earth rotates 3,333 seconds less around its axis, which amounts to 86,400 seconds (or one day) after 25,920 years. This is a similar code to the one of Venus because the movement of Venus is opposite of the earth. It takes Venus 243 days to turn around its axis in reverse mode to the earth. That is the reason why these 243 days were found amongst their code calculations. The earth and Venus have a common point of contact, the orbit period lasts one day in 25,920 years in earthly time and 243 days in Venus time! They couldn't have
chosen a more brilliant point of departure.

3) The orbit period of Venus can only be registered by a

sophisticated technological apparatus. Did the people of

Atlantis have such equipment? If they did, the implications are

enormous, but I cannot find any other explanation. Furthermore,

we know now that they had knowledge about solar magnetism, and

the sunspot cycle, for which you need at least telescopes and

probably other equipment. And what is more, you need precision

clockwork to measure the orbit period of Venus and the earth,

as well as to fix your position...... continuing: The Venus

table in the Dresden Codex gives us a clear view of the ritual

Maya calendar, showing the positions of Venus in the sky. This

Venus table refers to 65 cycles of 584 days, which means 37,960

days all together, equal to `46 of the total number of cycles

of 260 days of the Maya calendar, as well as to 104 of the Maya

solar years of 365 days.

In Chapter 18, on page 254, Patrick Geryl refers us to the

number 20, also prominent in Maya time references:

He writes: "The number 20 in the calculations of the solar

magnetism: 68, 328 x 20 - 1,366,560 = code number The Dresden

Codex for the Maya sunspot cycle.

"68,302 x 20 = 1,366,040 = the number that refers to the 20th

cycle in which the sunspot cycle switches poles. All these

numbers show us very clearly the source of this number 20. In

this case you still don't believe me, divide 576 by 50

invisible days and the result is: 576 divided by 50 = 11.52.

When you now multiply this by 1000, you get the exact interval

of the previous crash!

He continues: " There were still the eight days during which

Venus disappears behind the sun. When I multiplied eight by the

small "Holy Numbers' of the Maya and the Egyptians, I obtained

the number of the shifting of the Zodiac and the orbit period

of Venus. Now I know both numbers refer to Venus.

72 x 8 = 576
73 x 8 = 584

"Once again, this proved that the codes were related to each

other. The period of eight days when Venus disappears behind

the sun indicates that Venus and the sun are closely connected.

Venus refers to the bygone switches of the magnetic field of

the sun, and also the big one to come, which will cause the

catastrophe on earth.

"I found one additional connection: Venus makes 13 orbits

around the sun in eight years. This was once more a remarkable

reference to the previous numbers already known.

13 x 8 = 104. 104 is a well-known Mayan number. "

After many more number calculations, all relating to Venus and

the Sun, he concludes that in 2012, we are going to have a

major crash catastrophe on earth because it has happened


See: The World Cataclysm in 2012

Some time ago, in January, 2000, I wrote about the number nine

which I dreamed about several times. This also fits into the

time cycle of the Mayans:

In ancient Greece, 9 was the number of the Muses, patron

goddesses of the arts. They were the daughters of Mnemosyne

("memory"), the source of imagination, which in turn is the

carrier of archetypal, elementary ideas to artistic,

realization in the field of space-time.

The number 9, that is to say, relates traditionally to the

Great Goddess of Many Names (Devi, Inanna, Ishtar, Astarte,

Artemis, Venus, etc.) as matrix of the cosmic process, whether

in the macrocosm or in a microcosmic field of manifestation.

The reason for the suppression of her image by a clergy

interested in the claims only of a divinity heavily bearded,

therefore, can be readily surmised; but why the same company of

priestly doctors so artfully concealed in their document an

unmistakable notice of their own knowledge of her power awaits


The profundity and sublime majesty of the suppressed mythology

can be appreciated best by way of two apparently unrelated

clocks, one, the ultimate clock of outer space, and the other

of inner space - respectively, the astronomical precession of

the equinoxes and the physiological beat of the human heart.

Regarding the first; the slow westward motion, in the course of

years, of the equinoctial points around the beltway of the

zodiac (the vernal equinox, for example, moving from the sign

of Aries, where it had been before the birth of Christ, through

Pisces, where it is now, toward Aquarius, where it will be in a

couple hundred years )

NOTE: that date is highly controversial: See AQUARIUS and AGES

This complete cycle of the twelve zodiacal signs exactly 25,920

years, which term is known as a "great" or "Platonic" year. But

if we divide 25,920 by 60 (which is the ancient Mesopotamian

soss, or basic segesimal unit of astronomical measurement,

still used in the measurement of circles whether of time or of

space), the quotient is 432. Moreover: 2+5+9+2+0 = 18.

And regarding the second, the inward clock: I have read in a

popular book on physical education that "A conditioned man, who

exercises regularly, will have a resting heart rate of about 60

beats per minute or less . . . Sixty per minute time 60

minutes, equals 3600 beats per hour. Times 24 hours, equals

86,400 beats a day.

NOTE: In another article read just moments ago, it was stated

that the heart rests in between beats for 9 hours a day.

It is strange that in our history books, the discovery of the

precession of the equinoxes should be attributed always to the

Greek Hipparchus, second century BC, when the magic number 432

(which when multiplied by 60 produces 25,920) was already

employed in the reckoning of major cycles of time before that

century. "

See: The Number 432 by Joe Mason
See: The Code of the Ancients

Along with this subject comes this fitting dream:

9-13-98 - DREAM - The dream started out with a vision of a

clock-like symbol which resembled a rounded diamond-like shape

with the largest point up, down, and to both sides. These

points all had feminine names. There was a dark man involved

also to prevent us from getting all the way around the Zodiac


I woke up and went back into a dream in which I was at home at

my 16th St. house. It was going to rain and I rushed inside the

house to get a gauge to hang up to measure the rain because the

prediction was for 71 inches of rain.

I hung up the first part of the gauge which was a

rectangle-like block plaque with a slot on it on which I

balanced what looked like a small book which looked like a

diary to keep records in. There was a name written on the book.

(I can't remember what it was) A strong mist began to fall as I

rushed back to the house to get the gauge tube and my mother

held open the door for me because I had to hurry if I was going

to catch all of the rain which I knew was going to get a lot


End of Dream

Sounds rather Deluge-like to me!!!!

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