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1-12-2012 is such a special subject that I like to pick special times to discuss it when possible.

In just a few hours time the light reflected by the moon will be halted as that magnificent orb is swallowed into the shadow of the Earth. This is to be the last total eclipse of the Moon visible from this location until 21-12-2010. To me this seemed a most opportune moment to deal with another great light that is being slowly obscured by the shadows of misunderstanding and ignorance.

I am referring here to the now rather famous Mayan Calendar. I can only hope that as with the Moon’s submergence into darkness, what has been happening with the calendar will also prove to be temporary. Hopefully I can clarify this line of thought a little more here as we progress.

The end of the Mayan calendar in the year 2012 has become intrinsically linked to various prophetic writings of late. This is mainly due to channelled information being made available in books and web-sites all over the world. Though I do believe channelled wisdom can be a genuine source of help in these difficult and troubled times, we should be careful to keep it separate from physical evidence. Too often researchers either latch on only to the solid physical evidence, or just the voices of ethereal beings heard via certain gifted persons. My own position is that the two can help us understand the times we find ourselves living in, but only through careful discernment and even more careful integration.

For me the Mayan calendar data is a non-prophetic source of wisdom regarding future events. Calendars track time, they also track events in time that are cyclical. Whether those events are artificial mind constructs such as Halloween or more solid natural happenings like the Solstice. Often we see people posting to 2012 groups and sites that the Mayans were talking nonsense, that it’s impossible they could of known the future, and that if they had why would their civilisation have fallen. This comes from a grave misunderstanding, and sheer ignorance, understandable perhaps however as this is hardly subject matter taught in schools or openly discussed in the broader public domain.

Lets clarify the difference between reasoned prediction and prophetic prediction regarding the year 2012. We can reasonably predict that the month of July in 2012 will be warm here in my country, and that December will be cold. Does this mean that we here are prophets, and that upon the occurrence of this happening we will be seen as having supernatural powers on our side?

The answer is of course no, rather we know that based on the past observations of Earth’s seasons we can reasonably deduce future weather and climate patterns. That is because, like many functions of the planet, these patterns work in a cyclical fashion. They repeat again and again with only marginal variance during fairly large spans of time. If I were to state that in the year 2012 aliens would arrive, and state that my certainty came about through a mystical vision, or some kind of communication with higher levels of existence, then this would indeed be prophecy and its fulfilment make me a prophet of sorts.

The Mayans as a people were not prophets, not to say none of them were but certainly their major system of plotting future events was not reliant upon prophets. If that had been the case why use over 20 specific calendars intermeshing in a most brain hurting fashion, churning out masses of data on cyclical phenomena?
Surely all that would have been needed was a large central temple in which the prophets would sit, occasionally emerging to give some decree about troublesome or fortunate upcoming events.

Before anyone tries to argue that this was the function of the temples that have indeed been found in Central America, let me just remind you that these have been shown to be places of scientific observation, jungle based observatories for Mayan astronomers mapping the precise cycles of the various stars and planets. Once again we see the laborious investigation of cyclical phenomena not the investiture in supernatural phenomena.

21-12-2012 should be seen as a prediction based on solid experience of past observable events and cyclic patterns, this was clearly the absolute focus of Maya science, indeed the central focus of their culture and cosmology. What people should be asking is not whether the Mayans predicted the end of the world, whether there will be a new calendar or whether the Mayans were inclined toward mysticism as much as science.

The question should now be obvious to anyone, just what the heck were the going to all of this trouble to track?

What could of happened in the past that was such a big deal it caused an entire nation to abandon research into many areas we see as important, to focus wholly on this one task?

The Mayans of course did have great interest in more esoteric matters, they had a pantheon of Gods and at times accredited supernatural powers to certain persons as well as to animals and objects. The trouble is that modern western 2012 writers are sometimes too quick in amalgamating these two distinct aspects of ancient Mayan society and allowing the mix to colour the scientific basis for concern regarding the calendar end date. We can synergise the two in the same books but only if we are careful to clarify our reasons to do so. It is essential to show that in the end, the Mayan Calendar is not giving us a doomsday prophecy comparable to those of the now near legendary French prophet Michel De Nostradame. Nor is it the same as the prophecies of the various indigenous peoples around the world who have come out to state expectations regarding the year 2012 due to their own mystical traditions.

As a mystic myself, with hundreds of strange events under my belt, I would be in no hurry to remove the mystical elements of 2012 period information provided by any culture. If data regarding the time we live in and the near future comes from supernatural and esoteric sources I know to study it very carefully as it may well be of great help. Yet the mundane logical side of me always checks first which category the data is really coming from, even myths and legends often turn out to be simply warped physical historical events rather than magical matters.

Though I argue the Mayan Calendar ending is not a 2012 prophecy, there are however some sources to be considered that most certainly do fall under that category. These are where we shall venture next.

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