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Liberation from Human

Liberation from Human
2012 Apocalypse
We all know what kind of beings humans are without having to quote famous philosophers and saints. While humans struggle to satisfy animal instincts or desires like other life forms, they also show a very noble nature that leap beyond animal instincts. For example, they think, imagine, or doubt the meaning of life, the true nature of humans, and the unfolded universe. Sometimes, they help other people or other life forms unconditionally. Thus, humans are really incomprehensible and are special beings with a mysterious combination of animal instincts and divine nature.

However, despite a great deal of studies and pursuits by scholars, religionists, and people on the path, studies on human beings do not seem to have made much progress. They have presented quite a good understanding of human characteristics revealed externally, but they have failed to understand the true nature of humans. It is because their obsessions with the external human appearances and forms kept them from accepting the fact that the human essence is soul, which is non-material. It is also because they basically assume that the essence of humans and animals is fundamentally different—an assumption induced by the assurance of human superiority to animals and plants.

As described in the book The Gaia Project, the human essence is consciousness or soul and is not different from other life forms. Every being is created by the first consciousness in the universe as a form of consciousness or soul. Each is characterized by the information endowed at the moment of creation and the memories accumulated through numerous experiences thereafter. Therefore, from the viewpoint of essence, each being is not distinguished by their current appearances and forms, but by the quantity and quality of the information they memorize. In other words, there is no human essence distinguishable from that of other life forms. Thus, the essence of humans can not be discussed separately from that of other beings and life forms.

Once a consciousness or soul is incarnated into a materialized life form, it shows the characteristics appropriate to the role given to each life form. Hence, each animal and plant shows its own characteristics unique to its species while a human being shows human characteristics. Namely, in this material earth, depending on the material shell into which a certain being is incarnated, beings are distinguished into humans, animals, or plants, and each accordingly shows different characteristics. Of course, even among humans, they show almost infinite differences depending on their life plans as well as the information they have as a consciousness or soul.

As for humans, people have regarded the mysterious combination of physical and non-physical traits as their original features or nature. They have also understood that human characteristics reveal diverse aspects, besides animal instincts, such as selfishness, jealousy, desire for control, longing for fame, being faithful to one another, human love, care, and mercy. However, these characteristics are shown because diverse consciousnesses or souls incarnated into human material shells. Thus, from the perspective of essence, they can all be called human disguises.

As a teenager, I was fascinated by the phrase “human, all too human” written by an author and used to murmur it for a while. Thinking and acting humanly by living as a human being seemed really wonderful to me at that time. I had a very “sound” thought that humans should pursue physical instinct and human nobility since we have physical bodies like any other animals as well as innate human dignity. It will not be desirable to stick to animal instincts since we are humans, nor will it be genuine to try to speak and act too elegantly while one ignores physical instincts.

Even though I had such perspective on humans, now I feel that I am at my last stage to release my human disguise. Observing unexpected fundamental changes of my body and mind, which are described in my past writings, I came to realize that the very “human thoughts” I had as a teenager were far from truth. As I started to learn the true world one by one, I came to understand that most of the so-called human characteristics originated from the human body. Humans are spiritual beings in essence, and thus freeing oneself from physical characteristics means getting nearer to one’s essence.

Usually, I rarely have dreams, and even if I have one, I do not remember it well. The other was my fellow professor who tries to help me a lot from a human perspective. Those whose consciousnesses are totally embedded in material things, or who have certain frameworks of spiritual path will disapprove the idea of being free from human traits and condemn it as being immoral or anti-ethical. However, people who have interests in spiritual paths and even a little understanding of enlightenment will not oppose to getting away from human traits. Those who have become a true enlightened person, after realizing the truth of life and the universe, will stay indifferent, being free from human characteristics like attachment and discernment in particular. They will no longer act or speak like typical humans. Thus, it is nonsense to demand human duties or expect human affection from them and to condemn them for being immoral or anti-ethical. Being free from human disguise is equal to becoming a truly enlightened person, to being free from the material consciousness of the third dimension, and to being reborn into a true Guide if one has a task related with the Gaia Project.

Now the Guides of the Gaia Project are awakening collectively, experiencing various energy changes. Through this process, each Guide will be totally or almost free from human disguise. If you find yourself emphasizing closeness in human relations, valuing human obligations, and pursuing human tastes, you should know that you are attached to the third-dimensional consciousness. Also, one has to be reborn into a true “cosmic citizen” with a cosmic perspective.

Now is the time necessary to clearly recognize first that you have been living in a material shell and to mentally prepare to take off the shell anytime when the time comes.
2012 Apocalypse

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