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Memories of Lemuria-2

Memories of Lemuria-2
2012 Apocalypse

Among the past lives that human beings memorize, particularly those that beings with very high consciousnesses memorize in their auras, the most precious life should be that in Lemuria, or Mu (Mooh) continent, which can be regarded as the origin of humankind. About a million years ago from now, the first consciousness in the universe called Mu and many other beings with very high consciousnesses from various parts of the universe came to the earth. They were experts from the whole universe who gathered at the earth—a planet created to assume a special role in the development of the universe—to progress a special event. Remaining in an energy state of uncontaminated consciousnesses, they lived while singing, clapping hands, and dancing together.

Neither worries to fulfill the need for food, clothing, and shelter nor greed for material things existed. Selfishness, jealousy, envy, and rage that humankind is currently experiencing did not exist in Lemuria. The beings loved each other and were in harmony in the crystal clear and clean environment of the earth.

As time passed by, however, beings with consciousnesses of low frequencies flocked to the earth. The frequency of the earth gradually lowered, and the earth went through the process of materialization. In this process, the Lemurian society began to change rapidly and fundamentally. Some of the beings with higher consciousnesses that had not experienced life and death by staying in an etheric state returned to the universe. On the other hand, others that promised to remain on the earth until the dimensional ascension in the future began to prepare for various lives to adapt themselves to the lower consciousnesses on the earth.

As the earth materialized, the system of reincarnation was introduced, and in this system nobody could have a whole memory of one’s past or live a life completely revealing one’s intrinsic capabilities. Thus, of the beings that opened the Lemurian period, those that promised to keep remaining on the earth began to experience reincarnation under the same condition as the other beings in the material earth, with their cosmic capabilities and knowledge being sealed. Their physical lives on the earth were planned in terms of two aspects: to accumulate energies needed for the role each being has to carry out in the period of the earth’s dimensional ascension and to effectively undergo each being’s learning that should be experienced.

Life on the earth has not at all been easy to anybody—a life in which one, in total oblivion of one’s self, perceives vivid feelings through the five senses. Many Lemurian beings reincarnated into high priests, monks, political or religious leaders, Hwan-oong, or Dan-goon in diverse ancient civilizations, such as Atlantis, Hwan-kook, Egypt, Inca, Maya, and the civilizations that followed. They also experienced many common lives not known at all. Because of the vague memories of their existence, which are occasionally sensed through their feelings, they have lived tougher lives than others and have lived in obscure nostalgia and yearning for the universe.

As the earth’s ascension begins, these Lemurian beings are collectively awakening from a long sleep. Their awakenings are occurring through diverse stages planned according to each being’s program in this life, so each being is currently at a different stage. Experiencing a complete awakening, they will obtain powerful internal strength that enables one to begin one’s true life without any compromise. Possessing vague impressions of the earth’s dimensional ascension, many Lemurian beings who are awakening now think they should do something. They think they should take the lead to protect the earth’s environment, to help the miserable, or to help people’s consciousnesses grow, and many of them are already in action. The tasks they should truly do in this life will not begin until after they experience the last stage of awakening.

On the surface, life seems to progress by one’s will and capability, but in fact it unfolds according to planned scenarios, and humans are beings who experience those scenarios. Thoughts to accomplish or achieve something occur because one does not totally realize that life is a stage play to experience. Also, people’s thought that systemized efforts for the development of spirituality is necessary should be reconsidered. With no exception, organizations and groups are formed based on people’s desires. So far, most people have placed too much confidence in the strength of humankind and have believed that human beings change the world even though they have witnessed great natural disasters occasionally. Although people know that the earth is merely a grain of sand in the beach, they have negated beings of outer space and have lived with a blind faith that the earth’s Great Change will not happen during their lifetimes. Moreover, those events will reveal that a more fundamental energy world, which is unfolded infinitely, exists behind the visible material world and that eventually the world will evolve by the will of divine providence and not by that of humankind. I expect that the earth’s Great Change progressing on a full scale will definitely show this aspect to the whole humankind.

Those who expand their awareness and begin to know the essence of life through spiritual experiences find that people who are desperate to only obtain and consume material things surround them. Moreover, they come to rediscover the fact that all media such as newspaper, magazine, TV, and the Internet are filled with heroic episodes of people excelling in achieving wealth and fame. What is needed for them now may not be turning their eyes to the outer world. It is necessary to feel the rapidly changing earth energy and listen to the collapsing sound of the existing material system through the spiritual sense that is gradually being developed. I expect everybody spiritually awakening now to feel deeply the following message: “You do not need to worry at all about the future.
2012 apocalypse

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