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2012 : Toward the Consciousness of the Wholeness

2012 : Toward the Consciousness of the Wholeness

2012 apocalypse
The special journey, which I have not expected at all, and the change of consciousness induced by it were never easy or restful, but they caused an inner change that was beyond my imagination.

One afternoon in early April, never having had any expectation or anticipation, I encountered a message that said, “Leave immediately!” I left Incheon International Airport at that night without informing even those closest to me, let alone the university, and in the next morning arrived at Auckland International Airport in New Zealand.

As my aura field encompassing my body has been undergoing a great change for quite a while, I have been experiencing more and more physical pain because of people’s negative waves. After I arrived in New Zealand, such process grew more profoundly, thereby leading to a state where I became very sensitive to the surrounding energy. Thus, I began to instinctively avoid the energy released by people and animals and also started to worry seriously about how I am to live without any contact with the human world. Because of the waves greatly released by mass media, I could not think about watching TV, reading a newspaper, or surfing the Internet, and I entered a state where I could not but completely entrust running my website to other people.

As a country where energy pollution caused by humans is incomparably less pervasive than any other countries, New Zealand is a treasure house of energy where pure energy is left here and there. However, since it is also a place where people live, negative waves generated by human minds were polluting the surroundings and their livestock. Such negative waves were severe enough to instantly hurt and paralyze my body, so I could not help avoiding places where people gather. Furthermore, while driving, I was greatly hurt owing to the waves released by the vehicles running at the front and rear of my car or those approaching from the opposite direction. Wherever I went, I felt uncomfortable because of the energy absorbed at places and in space where people had slept or sat. I could not but live almost like a recluse who could not sleep or eat where people could do, and I needed to totally avoid places where they were active.

New Zealand is comprised of the North island and the South island; a lake located in the South island holds very pure and special energy. Because one has to drive awhile on unpaved roads of the ranches with grazing cattle and sheep, it is a secluded place where hardly anyone can be found even in the daytime. I stayed near the lake for two weeks to purify my body, especially the accumulated human emotions. My daily routine consisted of walking to the lake in the morning, spending time there, and returning to the lodge in the evening. During my stay there my body became more sensitive, but simultaneously the change of my consciousness was proceeding. As I received the pure and special energy hidden in New Zealand, my human emotions accumulated during the past lives, let alone this life, resolved. I turned to a state where I felt the wholeness, steadily distancing from the separate consciousness stemmed from an entity called “I”. Particularly, as I started to feel clearly the moments that I have lived throughout, recognizing myself as “Prof. Jang,” were an illusion, my consciousness slowly began to remain in the wholeness.

My change is not yet complete, but I have changed enough to live a new way of life, and my consciousness has transformed to one that always feels the wholeness, escaping from the illusion of separation. Such change is happening not only to me but also to many beings who sympathize with the Gaia Project, but my change may be felt more dramatic than that of others. Despite the sudden stop of my lectures last semester because of the trip to New Zealand, through the efforts of my fellow faculty members, I happened to lecture again this semester. However difficult the things happening may be felt, you will understand and accept them and even feel harmony in them if you watch the things happening, staying in the consciousness of the wholeness.
2012 Apocalypse

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