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The Expansion of Consciousness toward Multi-dimensional Universe-2

2012 Apocalypse

The Expansion of Consciousness toward Multi-dimensional Universe-2

While I have met many people with great spiritual abilities, including those with some extraordinary capabilities, one person was the key to shake my whole life and to have me make a quantum leap toward the multi-dimensional universe. As we shared diverse experiences during the first few months since the summer of 2002 and afterward, I began to open my eyes to more concrete knowledge of life, the universe, and the earth’s Great Change.

For instance, by watching this person shift to the consciousness of a particular past life and re-enact an event and a conversation at that time, and by knowing my relationship with this person during my past lives, I started to understand the connection between this life and the past lives. At times, this person told me about the state of my mind or body and the future events by reading my body energy or my iris. This person also channeled messages from higher dimensional entities to me about my true identity. I also heard about various special cosmic information as follows: the scenes at the elderly’s committee meeting at Sirius; stories about our meetings in the universe; stories about visiting the cosmic libraries classified by levels for the preparation for life on the earth after deciding the subject matter of learning; the information that enlightenment is the crux of the training method put forward by the star where the being that reincarnated as Buddha resides; the information that there are formulae for material manifestation; and the number of cosmic entities visiting the earth for the Great Change. Many parts of the messages and information I received then were later reconfirmed one by one through information gathered from past life regressions experienced by many people. Many of them unanimously confirmed that my higher self is located at Sirius. One person vividly recalled that she was a conscious entity at a star far away from the earth, and when she met me, who was then recruiting workers for the project of the earth’s Great Change, she volunteered for the project. Many remembered that before moving into the earth, they had undergone a preparation process in Sirius or Pleiades for entering the earth. I have also observed some “Guides” converse with their higher selves in the universe.

After going through this process, my consciousness is now almost always residing in the universe, feeling as if the stories about the universe and the earth’s Great Change were those of my next-door neighbor. Most people who first read my writings will take them for the wildest dreams coming from muddled consciousness, but I say with a clearer consciousness than anyone else that the earth’s Great Change planned long ago by the universe is now unfolding.

The universe is spread almost limitlessly up to the tenth dimension, and differences in vibration frequency separate each dimension. Different dimensions mean totally different worlds. Every entity in the universe leads its life under a definite hierarchy based on the principles and plans of respective dimension, galaxy, star, and planet. There may be some frictions between dimensions or galaxies, but lower dimensions cannot go astray from the plans and adjustments made by higher dimensions.

Even if they had some, they might not have expanded their consciousnesses, which are full of preconceived notions, toward the multi-dimensional universe. Until only a few centuries ago, humans had thought that the sun was revolving around the earth, putting everything into earth-centric, anthropocentric perspectives. Thanks to the progress made in cosmological sciences, fragmental pieces of information on the universe have been accumulated, and some notable novelists and artists with expanded consciousnesses have created copious novels and movies. Despite these works, however, few seem able to imagine the multi-dimensional universe unfolding layers upon layers. The world that people and established religions have heretofore talked about is mostly limited to the third- and the fourth-dimensional worlds surrounding the earth. The third dimension represents the material part of the earth perceptible with the five senses; the fourth dimension, closely related to the third dimension, is a world that includes the world of life after death (the spiritual world), or what has often been called the heaven, and the energy world (or the world of thought forms and ghosts) created and influenced by human consciousness. While the advance of modern science has prompted religious and spiritual leaders to mention the universe more frequently, they seem to have just replaced the word “heaven” with “the universe,” hardly appreciating the difference between the two.

Thus, it is quite unlikely that most people, whose consciousnesses stay in the third or fourth dimensions, or the earthly realm, will comprehend the multi-dimensional universe. It is even more unlikely that they will understand or accept a certain project, which is planned in the higher dimensional universe, is now being carried out on the earth. If anyone finds the story about the multi-dimensional universe easily acceptable, he or she may be one of those with the memories of life in the outer space of the fifth dimension or higher.

The earth’s Great Change signifies the ascension of the earth into the fifth dimension, meaning that humans, animals, and plants will have vibrations not lower than the fifth dimension. Hence, as the Great Change is well underway now, the human race must face the absolute necessity to raise their consciousnesses to the fifth dimension or higher. However, almost all spiritual practices on the earth—including ascetic practices related with meditation, and Taoist exercises focusing on building up lower or middle chakra—stop short of moving beyond the realm of the mind. For example, methods of spiritual practice focusing on the mind can be considered a fourth-dimensional one surpassing the third-dimensional material world by opening up the fourth-dimensional heart chakra. While these practices may lead one to experience so-called enlightenment, they will not lead one to raise one’s consciousness to the fifth dimension or higher.

Elevating one’s consciousness is not achieved by arduously clearing and emptying one’s mind, but it occurs naturally with the expansion of consciousness—that is, the expansion of awareness. Our consciousnesses expand first by recognizing the existence of the world imperceptible to the five senses and then by becoming firmly aware of the fact that our material world is but a tiny fraction of the multi-dimensionally layered universe. When we gradually remove the thought that I, our society, our nation, or our earth is at the center of the universe, our consciousnesses can make a quantum leap forward. The further we are from egocentric thoughts, the more our consciousnesses can expand.

Shifting from earthly consciousness to universal consciousness is crucial for everyone living on the earth now. This task of moving forward is even more crucial especially for those remaining in the fourth-dimensional consciousness, namely, ascetic devotees or truth seekers who are aware of imperceptible non-material world but still hold earth-centric viewpoints. Through the earth’s coming Great Change, they may ascend to the fifth dimension, or they may stay in the fourth-dimensional consciousness. Those who ascend to the fifth dimension through consciousness expansion can choose either to remain in the newly-born earth or to move to another fifth dimensional star.

In front of the human race await a series of amazing physical changes that will topple preexistent notions and knowledge. Up to now, the earth has served as a special training field for self-learning through experiences, so all experiences have been precious to us. We need a cosmic perspective that does not get blinded by spiritual organizations still submerged in earth-centric thoughts and that is free from preconceived notions and views oneself and the society impartially.
2012 apocalypse....

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